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Are Timeshare Exit Companies Legitimate?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Timeshare Exit Companies (TEC) claim to have lawyers for timeshare cancellation services on staff, experts, or paralegals that will write letters on your behalf or consultants that will provide you with timeshare cancellation services.

If these Timeshare Exit Companies are legit, why are they being sued by Timeshare Developers for fraud?

Timeshare Exit Companies are luring Timeshare Owners with guarantees that their contract will be canceled in 18-36 months or their money will be 100% refunded for unrealized timeshare cancellation services.

Timeshare Exit Companies advise Timeshare Owners to stop making loan payments or maintenance payments damaging the developers' business relationship with the consumer causing economic harm.

Are Timeshare Exit Companies Legit?
Timeshare Exit Companies are luring Timeshare Owners With False Guarantees

Defaulting payments damages the consumer's credit, and in many cases, the developers sued the consumer for loan balances and projected maintenance fees owed under the contract.

Should the contract get canceled by the Timeshare Developer due to non-payment, these Timeshare Exit Companies consider this result as rendered services to the client.

Wyndham, one of the largest timeshare developers in the industry, sued one of the largest Timeshare Exit Companies (Resort Release) and at one point considered the best timeshare exit company.

The lawsuit forced Resort Release to file bankruptcy which caused one of the so-called "best timeshare cancellation companies" to go out of business.

All consumers that paid Resort Release for timeshare cancellation services lost their money, and their refund was never honored.

If you paid the Timeshare Exit Company and signed a contract with the Timeshare Exit Company, you never established an Attorney-Client relationship.

Unless you signed a contract or paid timeshare lawyers directly, you're not establishing an Attorney-Client Relationship.

Therefore, lawyers for timeshare exit companies do not have a fiduciary obligation to the consumer.

In order to cancel a timeshare contract legally, you need to hire lawyers for timeshare cancellation services that focus on Timeshare and Consumer Protection Law.

Timeshare Lawyers owe a fiduciary duty to a client.

"Lawyers for timeshare exit companies, at all times must act in the best interest of the client and has to make full disclosure of any financial or other interest that the attorney has with the company that might conflict with the interest of the client."

A timeshare cancellation attorney may cost more, but your payment is secured, and you'll have legal counsel which has your best interest on hand.
How Can I Find Timeshare Lawyers Near Me

How Can I Find Timeshare Lawyers Near Me?

With more than 1.2 million licensed attorneys in the U.S., less than 1% of 1% practice timeshare and consumer protection law in the same practice.

That would qualify a timeshare cancellation attorney.

If you search online for "timeshare lawyers near me," you will receive different options from general practice law to immigration law.

5 ways to find timeshare lawyers near me.

1. Contact your state bar and ask if there is a qualified timeshare cancellation attorney in your area.

2. Search using Avvo.

3. Contact an attorney that has provided legal services in the past and ask if they know timeshare lawyers that focus on timeshare cancellation.

4. Go on timeshare forums in the timeshare community.

5. Use a trusted platform to find lawyers for timeshare


Do not fall for timeshare exit companies claiming to be the best timeshare exit company. Always seek legal advice using lawyers for timeshare cancellation services.

Many people have been victims of false guarantees from timeshare exit companies with unrealistic results.

Unless you sign a legal service agreement with a timeshare cancellation attorney and can make a payment directly to the lawyer or law firm, you do not have an attorney-client relationship.

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