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Timeshare Cancellations

Timeshare Cancellation

Timeshare Cancellations - Using Legal Counsel

Suppose you've been the victim of deceptive sales practices by a timeshare company's sales representative. In that case, you may be able to cancel your contract using the services of a timeshare cancellation attorney. Timeshare cancellations can be complicated, so it's crucial to have an experienced legal professional on your side.

An attorney can review your contract and determine if there are any grounds for cancellation due to the sales representative's deceptive practices. In many cases, timeshare salespeople will use high-pressure sales tactics or make false promises in order to get people to sign on the dotted line. 

If you can prove that you were misled or deceived by the sales representative, you may be able to cancel your contract and get out.
It isn't easy to prove the salesperson misled or pressured you to purchase a timeshare. However, an experienced timeshare cancellation attorney will be familiar with the common tactics used by salespeople and will know how to build a strong case.

Even if you can't prove the salesperson misled you, there may be other grounds for cancellation. For example, if the resort never delivered on its promised amenities or your home resort is always booked, you may be able to cancel due to a breach of contract.

Advocate Financial Services can help you find an experienced timeshare cancellation attorney who will be able to review your contract and determine if there are any grounds for cancellation. If you're thinking about canceling your timeshare agreement, contact Advocate Financial Services to find a qualified attorney to discuss your options.

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how much do lawyers charge to get out of a timeshare

Timeshare Cancellation Attorney Fees

How Much Do Lawyers Charge
To Get Out Of A Timeshare?

Litigation Vs. Mediation

Are you suing the resort, or are you mediating a settlement? Most lawyers will charge an hourly rate for their services if you take the resort to court. If you want to reach an amicable settlement, timeshare cancellation attorneys charge a flat fee based on their relationships with the timeshare's attorney to settle the matter quickly. A flat fee means that they will charge a set amount regardless of how long or quick it takes to settle.

Average Legal Fees

The average hourly rate for legal counsel is $200-$400, and the average flat fee for a timeshare cancellation attorney is $4,000. If there's an outstanding loan balance, attorneys may charge 10% of the debt they eliminate. However, these prices can vary depending on the specific circumstances of your case. Therefore, it is always best to consult with a lawyer to estimate the costs involved in your particular situation.

For a Free Initial Consultation to find out how much do lawyers charge to get out of a timeshare, do not hesitate to call us at the number below.

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If you are looking to cancel a timeshare contract, we recommend seeking legal counsel for legal matters. However, many people are curious about how much lawyers charge to get out of a timeshare. The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the lawyer's experience and the case's complexity. 

Timeshare Cancellation

Do Timeshare Cancellation Companies Have The Ability To Cancel My Timeshare Contract?

Unless timeshare cancellation companies have lawyers who will communicate with the timeshare company on behalf of the client, the developer's management company or law firm will not communicate with an exit company or cancel your timeshare. The reason is that timeshare companies are very good at getting people to sign contracts that are difficult to cancel. If you don't have a lawyer working on your behalf, it's likely that you won't be able to cancel your contractual obligations.

There are many timeshare cancellation companies that claim they can cancel your contractual obligations, but in reality, they can't. These companies usually charge exorbitant upfront fees and don't deliver on their promises. If you're considering using a timeshare cancellation company, please make sure you do your research beforehand to avoid getting scammed.

The bottom line is that unless you have a lawyer working on your behalf, it's unlikely that you'll be able to cancel your contractual obligations. If you're considering using a timeshare cancellation company, make sure you establish an attorney-client relationship by paying the timeshare cancellation attorney and signing an agreement with the attorney before paying any upfront fees.

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Timeshare Cancellation Companies

Do Timeshare Exit Companies Work With Attorneys?

The answer to this question is a resounding NO! Timeshare exit companies will often claim to work with attorneys, but in reality, less than 1% of 1% of these companies actually do. The vast majority of companies are nothing more than telemarketing companies conducting scams, preying on unsuspecting timeshare owners who are desperate to cancel their timeshare agreements.

These companies will often make false promises, telling timeshare owners that they have helped thousands with a timeshare exit. They will be able to cancel their timeshare agreements and get their money back. However, in most cases, these companies will do nothing more than take the timeshare owner's money, have timeshare owners default on their loan payments and maintenance fees, and then do nothing to help them cancel their timeshare agreement. In some cases, the timeshare company sues timeshare owners after working with a timeshare cancellation company.


So if you would like to cancel a timeshare contract, be very careful. Do your research to make sure that the company is legitimate, and always remember that there is no guarantee that you will be able to cancel your timeshare agreement, no matter what anyone tells you.

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How Does The Timeshare Cancellation Process Work?

If you would like to cancel a timeshare contract, you may be wondering how the process works. Canceling your purchase agreement is a legal process, and it's essential to understand the steps involved before making a decision.


The first step to canceling a contract is to contact an attorney or law firm that focuses on this area. They will review your contract and determine if you have grounds for cancellation. If you do, they will draft a cancellation letter and mail a letter to the timeshare management company using certified mail to track signature and receipt.

The timeshare management company will then have between 30 to 45 business days to respond to the letter. If they don't respond or reject your request, you can file a lawsuit. However, if they agree to cancel the contract, timeshare companies will ask your attorney to justify the grounds for canceling your contract. At that point, you will be released from your obligations and will no longer be responsible for paying maintenance fees.


It's important to note that timeshare cancellation is a complex legal process, and it's not always successful. Many timeshare companies have rigorous cancellation policies, so it's important to consult with an experienced attorney before proceeding.

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If I Am Within My Rescission Period, Can I Cancel My Timeshare Contract Without A Timeshare Cancellation Attorney?

Yes. The rescission period is the time frame during which a person can cancel their purchase agreement. Depending on the state, the time to rescind a timeshare agreement by state law is usually between 3 and 14 days after the person signs the contract. During this rescission period, the person has the right to cancel the contract for any reason and receive a full refund of all money paid. In most cases, the person can cancel the contract by simply sending a written notice to the timeshare management company. Buyer's remorse is common.

However, some states require that the person also attend a rescission hearing in order to cancel the contract. And in rare cases, a person may need to hire an attorney to help them cancel their purchase agreement. So if you're within your rescission period and want to cancel your purchase agreement, be sure to check your state's laws to see the requirements. And if you have any trouble canceling the contract, you may need to seek legal help.

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What Do Many People Fail To Read In Timeshare Contracts?

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Maintenance Fees

Timeshare contracts often have high maintenance fees that increase over time. The financial obligations can make it difficult to keep up with payments, and you may end up falling behind. Timeshare maintenance fees, on average, increase 7% to 10% a year thought the lifetime of the membership.

Judges Examining Document
Cancellation Penalties

It can be complicated to cancel a timeshare contract, and you may be subject to expensive cancellation penalties. Few timeshare developers have "early termination fees." Early termination fees can be five years of timeshare maintenance fees in many cases. Costly penalties can trap you in a contract that you no longer want or can afford.

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Upfront Costs And Additional Fees

Timeshare contracts often require upfront costs, which can be expensive. You may also be required to make annual or monthly payments, which can add up over time. An upfront fee may be required to use amenities that are supposed to be available to members.

Timeshare Cancellation Attorneys
Special Assessments

Management companies may require expensive special assessments to make up for renovations to the resort, damages due to an act of God, and unpaid balances by other members. Assessments can be a significant expense, and you may not be able to afford them.

Timeshare Cancellation Services
Extremely Difficult To Resell

Timeshare contracts can be difficult to resell. New timeshare owners fail to read the fine print. Developers make sure their contracts explain that the purchase of a timeshare is not to be considered a real estate purchase. The member-only owns a membership with exclusive rights to use the developer's property. In this case, you are not selling property. You are selling a lifetime membership that loses 80% to 90% of the original purchase price. Selling lifetime memberships in the resale market with ever-increasing timeshare maintenance fees is very difficult to sell.

Maintenance fees, cancellation penalties, and upfront costs can all add up over time, and you may not be able to resell the property if you decide to cancel the contract. If you feel the salesperson withheld the above-referenced information, we may be able to help you terminate your contractual obligations with your resort.

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